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In my 14 years as a high school counselor, I've found that most students don't get the most out of their school counselor interactions. Why wait for your school counselor to call you in for a meeting? Why wait for the answers to your most pressing questions to magically fall into your lap? The same way you don't wait for your teacher to "give" you that "A" on an assignment, you must also put forth effort to have a rewarding relationship with your counselor. And, trust me, they have a lot to offer! If your counselor is seemingly unreachable, put your cell phone to use in more ways than just social media and send them an email! Most counselors are inundated with multiple tasks on a daily basis and can respond much faster to an email before meeting face-to-face. At minimum, email your counselor to discover what method is most convenient for them depending on the nature of your request. Most questions are very quick and consist of pointing students in the right direction. One of my favorite quotes is "Closed mouths don't get fed!"  So, speak up and get the results you desire! ;)

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